Bat Facts Printable Coloring Page

Whether you celebrate Halloween or any variety of un-Halloween harvest-type celebrations, I have a printable for you!

Bats get a scary portrayal around this time of year, so here's a little guy to help teach your kiddos how amazing God's creations are and how un-scary! Redeem that bad bat image!

This little guy comes complete with some interesting batty facts.

Teaching my kids about animals is one of my favorite things about homeschooling. We drew this little guy step-by-step in homeschool and co-op art class, watercolored him, and then outlined in Sharpie (you could outline in Sharpie first).

We also watched a few bat videos on You-Tube (including this one) and checked out what some real bats looked like with a quick Google image search. I'm trying this printable and hope to do more animal printables in the future!

How will you use yours?

Click HERE for the printable PDF file!  My printables are free for your personal use!

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