Thanksgiving Art Print & Coloring Page Printables

1 Thessalonians 5:18 "In everything give thanks"

If you're like me--halfway through the month and realizing we're just a few weeks away from our thankfulness holiday--let me show you some grace,

Maybe it's just the third trimester exhaustion or the super-practical part of me talking, but I'm a little resistant to putting all of the pressure on one season or one day. I'm not saying we shouldn't do our best to celebrate a holiday, but I try to take the pressure of myself to cram all my thankfulness into the month of November or all my "Jesus is the reason" into December.

I remember crying in my room as a little girl on Christmas night because I felt I hadn't truly celebrated Christmas and now it was over! I missed it! Somewhere along the way I learned that Jesus was the same every day and His grace everyday precious and every day worth celebrating.

You can keep this printable up as long as you need and be extra-thankful TODAY for God's multi-faceted grace towards you.

I'm including both a 5x7 and 8x10 version of the print, and a coloring page version for the kiddos (or you adult color-ers out there).

Click here for the files to download/print:
5x7 Printable
8x10 Printable
Printable Black and White Coloring Page

My printables are free for your personal use! I'd love to see how you use yours!


  1. thanks for the Freebie! Using it during youth group this weekend

    1. Hi Gina! You're welcome! I'm so glad you and your youth could use it!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm going to use it for my 2nd grade Sunday school class. This is our verse for the month.


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