Polar Bear Facts Printable Coloring Page and Craft

For art these past few weeks we've worked on making some polar bears for homeschool, so I made a polar bear facts printable for you to download for your kiddos!

I realize it's not a very exciting coloring page since polar bears are white and penguins are white and black. Ha ha. At least the coloring-averse child will be happy! Feel free to add some light blue and gray to your polar bear's fur.

If you want to make the polar bears below, you can get instructions here from Artventurous.com. We used oil pastels for the whole project. Oil pastels cover the black paper really well, and you get to explain how a polar bear's skin is actually black! We also added fabric scarves and a red paper hat.

These are done by the three and five-year-olds at home:

My printable are free for your personal use! Download the polar bear printable here!

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