Printable Scripture Coloring Page: John 1:12

Hi friends!  I have another memory verse printable coloring page for you! You can see them all here.

You can ask your kids (or adults!) a few questions about this verse:
  1. What's required of us to become children of God? (receive Him/believe on His name--remember that the faith to do this is a gift as Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us)
  2. What is the gift that we get from God?
  3. What does it mean that you get the right to become a child of God? Why is that a good thing? What are you before this?
  4. Who's "name" is "His name" in the verse? Why does His name have power?
  5. What do you think it means to be part of God's family?
I just got a free Kindle version of a book called Messy Church by Ross Parsley, and started reading it last night. He talks about how church should be more like family and less like an institution. And that's what this verse says we are, right--family? Parsley writes, 
"But when you evaluate a church from a family perspective, it changes the way you analyze everything. Love become the motivation that guides your critique [he's talking about the idea of "church shopping"]. You approach the process from a completely different paradigm. You think about what you can add to this family rather than what it can do for you."
My church is my family. Not an organization. Not an institution. Not a club. Not a support group. A messy, lovin' and loved family.

You can download the printable HERE. Please remember that these are completely free for your personal use only. Please ask me if you'd like to use them in any other way!

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