Heard around Here Volume 5 + Summer plans

Hello friends! We are done with school and are busy playing the days away here! If my blogging gets somewhat inconsistent, you'll know why. 

Every once in a while I like to do a "heard around here" blog post. I jot down funny things my kids say (most coming from my now-five-year-old Anna), so here they are along with some glimpses into our family life.

Me: Anna, put on some socks!
Anna: All I have is civil war socks!

Anna: Mommy, you need more spices in your life!

Anna: I opened my mouth so wide I saw my lungs!

Anna: I want to go to California for my birthday (she gets California and North Carolina mixed up).

Me: Why?
Anna: I want to go to the beach. 

Anna: So mom, what' minus one?
Me: Huh?

Sarah: [to Anna] Don't hold him [the baby]. Let him roam!
Anna: I don't even know what roam means!

Anna: Silas, your hands smell like water!

Sarah: [overheard while playing Legos] Selena, we're centaurs now! [They've been on a Narnia kick for a while.]

Sarah: Where's the birdie thingie? [badminton birdie]
Anna: Oh, check all around. In the trees . . . 
Me: Did you put it in the tree??
Anna: Mommy!
Me: Did you put it in the tree?
Anna: Yes.

Anna: So silk comes from these little worms and then they make the silk from the cocoon. And then they kill the worm . . . I don't want to be killed.

Anna: Well, what do you really want me to wear?
[Note: While I will veto outfits, I generally do not pick our my girls' clothing. This is for my sanity.]
Me: I don't care what you wear.
Anna: Well, I'm just going to wear something British.

Anna: Daddy's jacket is kind of puffy. He looks like a groundhog.

Sarah: Mom, when were you born?
Me: 1978.
Sarah: AD or BC?

Anna: [watching Sunday night football with daddy] This is fun watching golf.

Sarah: I need the rubber bands!
Me: No.
Sarah: But how will we turn into mermaids?? [they're fascinated by mermaids]
Me: I don't know. Figure it out!

True story: this tiny Lego wedding dress skirt has been
permanently confiscated for being the source of heated quarrels. 

Anna: I have a third baby.
Me: Oh really?
Anna: Well what do you call when you have one baby and then you have another?
Me: A second?
Anna: Yes, I have a second baby.

What are you up to this summer?

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