Forsaken for me + Matthew 27:46 and Isaiah 53:3-4 coloring page

Matthew 27:46 and Isaiah 53 printable

I don't have a lot to write about today's art. It's enough just to meditate on these words of Jesus and the prophet Isaiah.

Jesus was forsaken by the Father for us, so that we would never have to taste forsakenness. 
The Father turned His back on the Son as He bore our sins, an unimaginable disruption in the Trinity, so that God would never turn His back on us and our sins.

Meditate on these words when you feel unloved. 

Meditate on these words when you wonder if Jesus would still have you come to Him in your state. 

Meditate on these words when you find life dissatisfying

My prayer is that this would lead you to worship Him, no matter your circumstances today. Like this song says, "Now my soul cries out Hallelujah."

You can download today's Bible verse coloring page is from Matthew 27:46 and Isaiah 53:3-4 HERE or by clicking on the image below.*
Matthew 27:46 and Isaiah 53 printable
*I'm so happy for you to enjoy my coloring pages and printables for your personal (not commercial) use! Use for Bible studies, church groups or events, and Sunday school classes are all fine! If you're in doubt, I'm happy to answer any questions. All artwork and photos are copyright Marydean Draws. If you share this, you're awesome (!), and as a courtesy,  please link back to this post and not the PDF file. Thank you!!

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