Ten ways to be another mom's cheerleader + Psalm 103:9 printable Bible verse cards

Hi friends! Today I'm guest-posting "10 ways to be another mom's cheerleader" over at the JellyTelly blog HERE. You can also head there to download these encouraging Scripture verse cards! I hope you enjoy the post!

I was in the middle of a battle of wills with a child of mine. (This is the same child who responded to my observation, “You are being particularly difficult this morning,” with: “I don’t speak Spanish.”)

My dear friend and neighbor came over in the middle of this struggle, and I sighed and said, “Please just tell me I’m not a terrible mom.”

She looked and me and said with confidence, “You are a fantastic mom, and I think you’re doing a great job!”


Don’t we all need a cheerleader friend like that?

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