Encouragement for back-to-school printable round-up

Hi friends!

On a whim, the kids and I decided to jump right in and start school this week. It's feels good to be back in a familiar rhythm. We're studying the first part of American history this year (starting with the native peoples of the Americas using Sonlight Core D), and I'm excited to see what we'll learn. We've made a few small adjustments in organization and scheduling from last year that seem to be helping.

Having the toddler a whole year older than last year (crazy how that happens) has made a big difference. We were able to buy some used Thomas the Tank Engine tracks and toys for him to play with during school in the morning. Unlike last year, he has been pretty content to play while we do school in the morning. We finish up later while he naps.

Well, enough about the inner-workings of our homeschool! This week, I pulled together some mostly-free resources for you to use as tools to encourage your kiddos and their teachers as you kick off another school year! Here they are:

A. "Be strong and courageous" coloring page. 

B. Six encouraging black and white Scripture cards (free)

C. Three printable teacher appreciation cards (free)

D. 25 Printable lunchbox notes (free)

E. 4 Blank printable notecards (free)

F. Printable love notes and a second set HERE

G. Anxious Heart set from my shop. I love this one for little (and big) worriers to memorize! This one about their identity in Christ would be great as well.

H. 8 hand-drawn lunchbox notes (free)

I. Printable Rainbow thank you card. Why wait until the end of the school year to thank your child's teacher? You know he or she has already poured many hours thinking and planning for your child's year. Drop him a note telling him how you appreciate him and how you're praying for him this year.

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*I'm so happy for you to enjoy my coloring pages and printables for your personal (not commercial) use! Use for Bible studies, church groups or events, and Sunday school classes are all fine! If you're in doubt, I'm happy to answer any questions. All artwork and photos are copyright Marydean Draws. If you share this, you're awesome (!), and as a courtesy,  please link back to this post and not the PDF file. Thank you!!

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