My four best tips for framing and displaying your artwork

If you've been to my house or follow my Instagram feed, you probably know that having art on my walls is important to me. 

Art brings such joy to my home, so I'd love to share with you my best tips for framing your artwork!

1. Use a mat or a thick frame to showcase the art. This is a never-fail one. A mat always makes artwork look 10 times classier, especially with a thick mat. If you don't use a mat, try a thicker frame.

Matted painting (done by my son) in this Dick Blick frame  + thick frame 

Amazing Grace Print with a thick mat

pine Ikea frame with mat

2. Gallery wall it. My interior designer sister says gallery walls are classic and timeless! Group your gallery wall with a similar color that connects them, but use a mix of art styles, frames & sizes. Mix abstract art, photos, kids art, graphic styles, and typography. Mix wood and metal frames. Mix sizes, too, but be sure to have one or two bigger pieces to stand out and add visual weight to the collection.

Prints from the new collection in the shop
3. Thrift your frames. Frames can be expensive, so I always look for good frames at thrift stores. I love when I can reuse both the frame and the mat. 

Thrifted frames
+ Wendy Brightbill abstract painting (a favorite artist of mine!)
+ bird print from Printspiring
4. Think outside the frame! I found this wooden pants hanger at a thrift store and it makes a simple way to hang a piece of art and easily switch it out. Magnetic frames like these** are another fun frameless way to hang art. 

There you have it--my best tips for framing and displaying art! Is there anything else you'd like to know about art for the home?

If you're looking for frames to order/buy:

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