I'm so glad you dropped in on this little space where I draw and write! Marydean is my real first name, but everyone calls me Mary! I'm the daughter of a Southern Baptist Navy Chaplain and one of three girls. I never really had a hometown to call my own until I moved here to the Shenandoah Valley ten years ago. You can listen to me tell some of my story in my interview with Sarah Rieke on the Heart Lessons Podcast (2016).

My husband and I have been blessed with three amazing kiddos.

My blog and business name was inspired by this verse:

this  Printable HERE
I grew up in church with a love for God and His Word, but it wasn't until my college years that I finally understood the finality of God's grace towards me and that what Jesus accomplished for me on the cross was enough. It is a done deal and there is nothing I can add or take away from. All that's left is faith (and that too is a gift: Ephesians 2:8-9). The weight of performing and proving myself was lifted (although I attempt try to drag it around still).
The years that followed were a time of deepening for me, some through the pain of depression and difficulty in finding my way in the career world, and some through other "stretching" experiences. I served with a mission agency in Bangkok, Thailand for two and half years as an English teacher. While living in another culture was a great challenge, it was also fruitful time of studying God's Word in a way I'd never done before. What was a spark of passion for teaching in general, and teaching God's Word specifically, was fanned even more.

It seems that when I finally began to understand God's grace toward me (oh, but still learning that daily!), He moved on to teaching me how to show it. In answer to some desperate prayers, God gave me an amazing husband! The years of our marriage have been sweet, but growth has been hard. Our struggles have let out the tide and laid bare my selfishness, self-righteousness, and pride. Adding our sweet children to the mix has only provided more opportunity for growth. 

I started off as a "working mom," teaching ESL at a local college after my first daughter was born, but soon felt the strain of being pulled in so many directions. My husband and I decided to try to make it work for me to stay home. It was around that time that I began to learn graphic design with a very basic version of Photoshop Elements. I had a background in art as an Art minor in college and have always loved art, but never considered it as more than a hobby.

Being at home afforded me the opportunity to practice art by doing some graphic design for our church. From there, I started my Etsy print shop. 

The blog came about when I began to share doodles on my Facebook page. I'm inspired by God's perfect Word and the hope that it brings me and would often doodle my "drawings" from the Bible. A friend suggested I turn my doodles into blog posts. What began as doodle posts then reignited a love of writing (I was an English writing major at Gardner-Webb University).

My days are often long and filled with my own weaknesses and failings, but this is where I experience God's grace and find encouragement to share with you here.
I feel a calling to get to the heart of our struggles, and encourage women in the Gospel through God's Word. I want to create visual tools that help you encourage and teach others through God's Word.

I wouldn't be here at all if it wasn't for our church. The grace that we've been shown and have learned from growing together with this body of Christ over the last eight years has rooted me deeply in the Gospel. I know I've got much to learn, but I'm so grateful for the freedom I now know in Jesus. 

So, that's the story of how I got here!  You can also read THIS POST on why I blog (written one year in). I truly do appreciate you stopping by and hope that you're encouraged by what you read here.

If you want to see some glimpses of my daily life and art, you can find me on Instagram @marydeandraws (or you can see the feed at the bottom of this page). 

  • To draw from God's truth and grace, and then pour that out on others. Matthew 10:27:  "What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops."
  • Share truths in a unique, visual way.
  • Exalt my Jesus and remind myself and anyone who happens on the blog just HOW GOOD HE REALLY IS.
  • Share free printables that equip you to study and think on God's Word so that it can transform lives
  • Create art that is true to my hand-drawn style, and that is colorful, sweet, fun, and filled with salty truth.

  • Create tools to help you teach your children and encourage your friends
  • my husband for supporting me, keeping my computer running, and supplying me with great tools (ie my beloved Ipad which makes all my art easier to make)
  • my kiddos for being my biggest fans
  • my mom for countless babysitting hours
  • my sweet friends whose conversations provide the ideas for many of these posts
  • my church family and pastors for continuing to direct me to the truth of the Gospel
  • all of you readers for your kind words of encouragement and faithful readership
  • The ESV Bible for permission to use this modern and reliable literal translation in much of my art
  • Shay Cochrane for many the many lovely stock photos I use throughout the blog (which she gives away monthly)
  • Lovely portrait photography of me and my family by Aubrey Gee Photography

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  1. Your blog, which I don't know how I stumbled across it now that I'm here, is exactly where I find myself! I started college with a minor in art. I met my husband,fell in love, the whole shebang, and never finished my degree. I'm the spouse of a soon-to-be retired Naval officer, mom of two, and homeschooler. As my kids are getting older, I keep feeling, with every year, a heavy absence of art. I've only made but about 10 paintings in the last 14 yrs, and my artsy fartsy-ness has culminated into craftiness to keep me at bay.
    Homeschool has ignited an unusual desire to create fun worksheets, flashcards, notecards, stationary,etc. I say unusual, 'cause computers confuse me, well, Excel and Macs Numbers confuse me. My biggest issue is I have no clue how to get my images from paper to jpeg, or PDF, or fill in the blank format. Right now my "work" is compromised of copying to Photos and importing to Pages from free downloads for personal use only. I'd love to learn how to develop original artwork for free and for profit, but mostly I want to have something that I can share with the masses.
    Can you guide me? I feel like I just need an apprenticeship of sorts, to shadow someone, or follow a model. I have no idea where to start.
    I love what you are making here. I love that you touched in your bio about how you saw God opening paths for you with your specific skill sets. I see things I like, things I buy or want to buy, and I think I can make that! and I can, and have! I often wonder if this is a direction I should seek out, if this is a path that is being presented to me. One thing is certain, I need to make...

    1. Hi Alicia! So nice to "meet" you! I'd love to share with you how I make my printables. Want to email me at mary@marydeandraws.com and then I can email you back? I've changes the way I do things over the years to make it simpler, but I can give you all those details. :) Mary

  2. Love it...you are such an inspiration. Leap of Faith!!

  3. Can I buy a 5 x 7 of the scripture used in the Pinterest photo of Luke 1:45 NIV...can you paint one for me. I love that verse.

    1. Hi Melanie! Sorry I haven't responded until now. I can list a 5x7 of the "blessed is she" print on the shop if you'd like, but it would be just a digital copy, not a painting (not sure if that's what you meant). 😊 Mary

  4. We are allowed to send coloring pages to our sponsor child but she speaks spanish. So glad I found your site.

    1. So glad you found the coloring pages to send your sponsored child! I do the same. I'll keep adding more!